Youtube changed in to spread hate tube : timeline cover photo

On September 19, 2012 by admin
youtube chaged in to spread hate tube timeline cover

youtube changed in to spread hate tube timeline cover


youtube chaged in to spread hate tube timeline cover21

Against youtube decision of Not removing abusive video hurting not 1 or 2 but BILLIONS.

will google authorities will be happy to see someone abusing their mother ?

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  • Astaghfurullah….

  • Hamood

    No one has right to insult any other religion, Islam is a a religon of peace which teaches respect for other religons
    You Tube should ban this movie as soon as possible and US should bring people who are responsible for this in the court of law to avoid future incident like this to keep peace in the world

  • The crime that Nakoula Bacile did was gravious, and that’s why it has stirred a lot of violence from the world Muslims. Under normal circumstances, GOOGLE is supposed to peacefully remove the ABUSIVE film FROM U-TUBE so that legal proceedings GO ON WITHOUT THOSE DEMONSTRATIONS. Otherwise it will appear as if GOOGLE sponsored Nakoula to make the film.

  • abdul jaleel

    We do respect our prophet as well as Jesus, Moses (Pease be upon them all). It is very easy to abuse,cheat,degrade anyone like this. What these people think? Cant we make any nonsense like this against their relegion? These people should know that it is our relegion that prevents us from doing this.Let them plan everything, allha too planed.

  • azher uddin

    asslam mu aliykum. we can also make a movie on their religion ,but our religion is peace to humanity.Our islam religion is not given the permission to do all those things which you have done all those stupid things be care full other wise we Muslim brothers have to take the action on this web site, plzz closed the site of that movie

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